A boutique advisory group providing technical due diligence for PE and VC


Technical Due Diligence

We provide structured and comprehensive technical due diligence on product technology companies and software-enabled businesses. Deals we work range from $5M A-rounds to $115M majority stake investments and acquisitions. We have seen a lot of startups and have assisted with $2B+ of deployed capital.

We are proud of the thoroughness of our tech diligence process. Our main focus areas are Team, Product, and Process - always with an eye on security and scalability.

We love working with investors and startups and we can't wait to tell you about our approach.


Make Software Better

Serving investors is our top priority. A close second is to help your soon-to-be-portco make software better. If they are receptive to it, we love to talk with technology leaders about the merits of monolith decomposition, continuous delivery, agile process, etc.

No Unforced Errors

While most deals go smoothly, we are your safety net to ensure the Team + Tech + Process are solid.

Deal Speed

You operate at #DealSpeed and so do we.

Communicate Early And Often

If we find anything concerning, we will let you know immediately.

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Jason Mongue



After more than 20 years of building software and managing development teams for early-stage startups (PagerDuty, PipelineRx, Mirixa), Jason is now focused on helping investors better understand the startups they are about to invest in.

Jason digs software architecture, automated tests, feature flags, continuous delivery, and nearly every Product Manager he has ever met.

Mike Young



Key technology architect and executive at 3 very successful startups - Redfin, Classy, Plumtree Software. The Engineering teams Mike helped grow became world-class development shops with strong reputations for innovation and execution.

"... had very positive feedback after your visit, saying that she heard "nothing but good things" from her team about you, and that you were clearly highly qualified and very thorough. Appreciate you representing us so well!""

Katherine Feeney
Partner - Lock8 Partners


"... From the actual diligence side of things, it was shocking how thorough it was. The questionnaire you had me fill out was extensive and thorough - it definitely helped shift my mind into a more strategic thinking and again validate that we're doing well."

Johannes Lindenbaum
VPE - 7shifts


"... thanks very much for the time today. I really appreciate the investment you made to get to know our business from the inside -- no small effort I'm sure, and I think the result was some extremely valuable insight into ways for us to scale the effort going forward.

I know that Michael [CTO] agrees with me when I say that I felt like you were there to help and consult, not just poke and prod, which is very much appreciated. "

Lowell Putnam
CEO - Quovo
(acquired by Plaid, then acquired by Visa)


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