An advisory group providing technical due diligence for PE and VC

Growth Stage Technical Due Diligence
We provide technical due diligence for investments in growth stage product technology companies and software-enabled businesses.

We advise on deals ranging from $5M A-rounds to $100M+ majority stake investments and acquisitions. Founded in 2016, we have seen hundreds of companies and have helped our clients deploy over four billion dollars in capital.

Derisk your Investment Thesis
We are your safety net to ensure the team, product, and processes are secure and scalable.

We are all prior operators with years of hands-on industry experience. We use our comprehensive diligence process combined with our battle-hardened intuition to assess companies. We have met with hundreds of companies in diligence. We let you know immediately if we find anything concerning.

Improve your ROI
Derisking is our first priority. A close second is improving your investment returns by helping your future portco make a better technology product. Our company-facing tech report helps them build software better, increase long-term company value, and "ace" exit diligence.

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Jason Mongue



After more than 20 years of building software and managing teams at early to growth stage startups (PagerDuty, PipelineRx, Mirixa), Jason now focuses on helping investors better understand the companies they are about to invest in.

Jason digs all of the things that enable technology companies to build products that customers love: product discovery, outcomes over output, continuous learning, feature flags, automated testing, continuous delivery...

Ben Cipollini



Ben earned a PhD in computational neuroscience and has been leading data science and engineering teams for over two decades. In addition to doing tech diligence, he is the acting CTO at FluentPet. He previously led data engineering teams at Meta, Classy, and DODTracker. Ben's excels at hiring, coaching, and creating alignment between business and technology.

Mike Young



Key technology architect and executive at three extremely successful startups - Redfin, Classy, Plumtree Software. The Engineering teams Mike helped grow became world-class development shops with strong reputations for innovation and execution.

Owen Tran



Owen has over two decades of hands-on software engineering experience from startup to public company, leading teams from 0 to 100, and having fun building collaborative, high performing cultures. He was previously Head of Engineering at Transcarent, CTO at Points International in Toronto, CTO at Switchfly, founder of two acquired startups PointsHound and Merado, and rebuilt the Hotwire platform acquired by Expedia.

Roman Shekhtmeyster



Roman brings years of technology leadership experience across a variety of software engineering organizations. He has built and led teams at rapidly growing companies including Facebook and PagerDuty. Roman cares deeply about developing healthy, high-performing teams that deliver outsized customer value.


"Thanks to Clover Group for supporting us again on tech diligence. Owen did a great job thoroughly guiding the prep and diligence conference, demonstrated his knowledge by identifying considerations we had not considered, and probed in technical areas on a stack he was better versed in then our team - a reminder why getting Clover Group involved was the right call. We see things from one perspective; and appreciate that Clover Group brings a ton of experience and looks at diligence from a slightly different perspective."

Chris Trauzzi
CTO - Lytho


"We had very positive feedback after your visit, saying that she heard "nothing but good things" from her team about you, and that you were clearly highly qualified and very thorough. Appreciate you representing us so well!"

Katherine Feeney
Partner - Lock8 Partners


"You and your playbook were a huge help and I'm really glad that we didn't try to go this one alone. I'll definitely pass along your name to colleagues whenever tech diligence comes up. You were a pleasure to work with and I look forward to chatting again for our next potential acquisition :)"

Luke Galea
CTO - 7shifts


"Thanks very much for the time today. I really appreciate the investment you made to get to know our business from the inside -- no small effort I'm sure, and I think the result was some extremely valuable insight into ways for us to scale the effort going forward.

I know that Michael [CTO] agrees with me when I say that I felt like you were there to help and consult, not just poke and prod, which is very much appreciated. "

Lowell Putnam
CEO - Quovo
(acquired by Plaid, then Visa)


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